Jonathan McCallum

SpecialityVP strategy, George P Johnson
VP strategy, George P JohnsonJonathan McCallum is a VP, Chief Strategy Officer at George P. Johnson U.K. In this role, Jonny leads the agency’s approach to strategy with a focus on simplifying complex business challenges to inspire creative solutions. His work spans across GPJ’s client portfolio, overseeing teams like Cisco, IBM, Google, Gartner and Workday. Previously to working at GPJ, Jonny worked at Ogilvy for twelve years, where he led the sports marketing business unit. Throughout his career, he has worked with clients across a variety of industries and sectors. His experience includes PUMA, Adidas, Barclays, HSBC, AIG, UPS, Ford, Statoil, Caterpillar, Allianz, Beko, and Nestle, among many others. Ultimately, Jonny joined GPJ out of a desire to work for a specialised agency that is a leader in the field. He has a particular interest in Experiential—the dynamic nature of the sector complements his understanding of audiences in the live space.