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chair’s opening remarks


The Experience Economy: the future of storytelling is live

  • The experience economy in 2020 and beyond: how brands are adapting experiential activities to stand out from the crowd
  • Giving the same credibility to experiential marketing and established media channels to drive growth
  • Maximising the potential of an experience-first campaign and understanding how it fits into your brand strategy
Anthony Duckworth, international experiential marketing director, American Express
Amy Brown, head of creative strategy, Google
Jim Campling, president, UK marketing partnerships, Live Nation
Maria D’Souza, marketing director, Barclays Ventures


Experience-first campaigns: how to ensure experiential plays a lead role in an integrated campaign

  • Including content capture in your plans from the start, to ensure that it is integrated into the activation
  • Assembling a cross-functional team to put experiential at the beating heart of your campaigns
  • Driving brand experience to the top of the marketing agenda, rather than being siloed or considered a bolt-on
Sophie More, marketing director, Brewdog


Shared Experiences: how to drive more footfall, brand love and cultural fame from your activations

  • Putting people, not the brand, at the heart of the experience to create experiences that are rooted in sharing psychology
  • Effectively combining owned, earned and paid media pre, during and post your experience
  • Strategic integration of your experience with the support of existing channels to leverage its potential
Amelia Shepherd, managing director, TRO
10:50 – 11:20

morning coffee break

11:50 – 12:30 Hubs

Using consumer insights to tell a compelling and authentic brand story

  • Creating an emotional journey for consumers through psychology and behavioural insights
  • Strategic concept development to create synergy between your brand and the experience
  • Maximising the human interaction at the heart of an engaging experience
Leo Marks, Global Creative Director MINI Electric & Brand Fields Harper B Hagerdorn, MINI Global Brand & Innovation Strategist
Michael Swaisland, Head of Insights EMEA, Mattel

Free experiences or paid-for experiences: which do customers value more?

  • The impact of ticketed and exclusive events on your experience strategy
  • Maximising the value for your audience: should you charge for high-quality experiences?
  • Weighing up the impact on your budgets and return on experience for your audience
Nik Keane, Diageo global brand director – Captain Morgan Rum, Diageo
Clara Biu, Head of PR and events, JustEat
Hayley-Jane Doyle, Marketing manager, Seedlip

11:50 – 12:30 Hubs

Is experiential the future of the high-street?

  • Examining the relationship between retail design and experiential marketing
  • Exploring the changing nature of the retail landscape and how experiential may be filling the gap
  • Transactional to experiential: why building experiences for brand awareness rather than product sales really works
Laurel Wolfe, VP marketing, Klarna
Tanya Weller, director of Samsung Showcase, Samsung
Michael Boaler, marketing manager, Doc Martens

Globalise and localise: International experiential campaigns

  • Adapting your experiences to make them culturally relevant by leveraging data analytics and insights
  • Developing a consistent brand experience that deepens the relationship that people have with your brand
  • Standardizing your measurement metrics to have a meaningful reflection of your success
Tugce Aksoy, global brand Manager – Magnum, Unilever
12:30 – 13:30

networking lunch

11:50 – 12:30 Hubs

The theatre of tech: harnessing technology to create immersive experiences for maximum brand impact

  • Understanding the role of creative and interactive technology as part of a creative immersive experience
  • Sensitive integration of your tech offering into experiences to boost engagement
  • Amplifying your connection with consumers by using technology to enhance personalised experiences
Steven Dolcemaschio, Global Marketing Director, Sonos Inc.
Ben Taylor, Head of Cassette, Cassette

Pop-up vs Permanent: beyond the gimmicks for a sustainable pipeline

  • Responding to the buzz of pop-up culture and maximising the potential for permanent installations
  • Considering the impact on sustainability of brand experiences
  • Exploring the value of agile retail and exclusive, time-limited brand activations


Keynote: A manifesto for experiential measurement:

How might the experiential marketing sector ensure that best practice and genuine effectiveness measurement frameworks are developed, rather than superficial and unsubstantiated processes rushed into market, that undermine trust and genuinely effective processes?

  • What is experience and how might we give a return on it?
  • Are we measuring the right things?
  • Designing with the end in mind
  • Measurement now, value from now on
Paul Stanway, co-founder and creative director, XYZ


Return on Experience: Understanding the metrics and impact of brand experiences

  • Identifying valid measurement metrics to evaluate the success of experiential marketing
  • Capturing strategic data to feedback across your team
  • Exploring the relationship between sales, brand health and awareness, and experiences
Maria Koutsoudakis, brand and marketing director, Vodafone UK
Jane Culcheth Beard, experiential marketing director, HP


Creating brand communities through playful experiences

  • Bringing brand stories to life in a playful way, in both B2B and B2C environments
  • The balancing act of business and consumer audience expectations
  • Creating business value through shared experiences that resonate with different audience groups
Jonathan McCallum, VP strategy, George P Johnson
Fran Elliott, head of integrated production, George P Johnson


Build meaningful purpose-led experiences that align with your brand

  • Honing in on your audience: how to capture the hearts and minds
  • Aligning experiences with your brand values to create exceptional customer-centric moments
  • Devising an experiential strategy that drives meaningful brand purpose and aligns with your values for a deeper connection with your audience
Fox, creative and marketing director, Pukka Herbs


chair’s closing remarks


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Make your way to The Grand to join delegates from Media360, PR360 and Performance Marketing 360 for our 360 keynote session

The Future of British Media

  • What I have learned after 30 years in the business
  • Why the siloed media company is dead, and how AI, free publishing and fake news will impact brands in 2020 and beyond
  • How to plan for the future, and underpin your brand purpose from a global perspective
Mike Soutar, Chief executive officer, ESI Media


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